Stay stronger together by connecting with friends, family, & neighbors!

From all of the staff, WELCOME to the Montana Athletic Club- Libby (MAC). We look forward to having FUN together while gaining better fitness.

The simple act of regular exercise is incredibly empowering- even miraculous. Amidst the ups and downs of life, we can always count on exercise to be a trusted friend that provides us with amazing benefits. These benefits include increased energy, improved self-confidence and happiness, weight control, decreased risk for disease, and more! 

We invite you to attend a complimentary fitness training session so we may familiarize you with our equipment and help design your fitness program.

During our 20 years of business, we've found that something magical happens when you connect with classmates in a group exercise class or simply enjoy the comradery of other members at the club. This shared human energy helps us all reach great fitness!