Rod Harma: member Since 2004

Rod says if he didn't come to the MAC, 
he'd be dead- because he would be
lying around the house & become
defunct. Rod has been diagnosed with
asbestos-related disease, but his last
test showed improvements in his breathing
capacity. Rod said it's because of the

Exercise makes me happy!

I exercise so I can keep up with
my daughters, and if I don’t exercise
I feel like I am cheating.”

Shawn Weber is motivated by his daughters! 

Exercise has been a part of Shawn's life since his youth, and he comes to the MAC regularly spreading cheer & happiness to all!

Everyone here at MAC is really great— always kind and considerate. You feel at home.

Nancy Barton Exercises for Independence

Nancy is 78 years young, & started
exercising in her late 30s. Nancy
explains that one of the reasons
she regularly exercises is that she
doesn't want her family to take care
of her. Nancy is an avid follower of
MAC's Zumba class!