Twenty-Year Members are "Members of the Year"

Twenty-Year Members are Members of the Year!

We are delighted to congratulate our incredible members with the extraordinary achievement of being a MAC member for 20 years! We are proud of them and are naming them "Members of the Year!" 

These twenty members are:

  • Ruth Fenn

  • Russ Geautreaux

  • Lonnie Hansen

  • Richard Harlow

  • Jennifer Harlow

  • Sharyl Hurd

  • Bob Hensler

  • Paul Hooper

  • Jerry Jorgenson

  • Sue Kulbeck

  • Larry Lampton

  • Jim Mee

  • Eileen Mee

  • Bill Miller

  • Ann Odor

  • Tom Ostrowski

  • Bob Parker

  • Dennis Reisman

  • Ray Reisman

  • John Resch

  • Yvonne Resch

  • Paul Roe

  • Mich Shea

  • Dave Stephenson

  • Brendon Swanson

  • Johnette Watkins

  • Lind Yahvah

  • Stan Yahvah

  • Lynn Hagarty

  • Jack Zearfoss

    Twenty-Year Employees are:

  • Cheryl Chandler

  • Bonnie Simpson

We'll be sharing insights next month from these members on their commitment to exercise. We'd like to thank all of our members for your support, your inspirational examples of fitness, and your encouragement of staff and other members. 

YOU, our terrific members, have made it possible for MAC to reach this memorable milestone. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

MAC Members Rock!

MAC Members Rock

Thank you for 20 years of fun! 

The Montana Athletic Club- Libby is honored, thrilled and grateful to celebrate it's 20th anniversary in 2016! We thank you all for your tremendous support. It is a pleasure and privilege to serve and support you in achieving and maintaining fitness. The simple act of regular exercise is incredibly empowering-- even miraculous!

Additionally, in this world of constant change, this power of fitness endures! Amidst the ups and downs of our lives, we can always count on regular exercise to be our trusted friend that will provide us with amazing benefits. Benefits such as decreased risk for disease, stress relief, better sleep, a stronger immune system, improved mood, strong muscles and bones, weight control, greater energy and self-confidence! 

We've also learned during these 20 years that exercise is really fun when done together! Sure you can pop in an exercise DVD at home, or slog it out on your treadmill in the basement, but something magical happens when you connect with other humans in a group exercise class or simply enjoy the comradery of having others exercising around you in the MAC's back fitness room. This human energy helps us reach greater fitness levels together. MAC is excited to celebrate, recognize, and thank our members for this milestone. We are planning to award more than a dozen prizes from local businesses and will have an open house and potluck on Thursday, February 4th. Each time you workout in January, you'll be able to enter the drawing.

We look forward to celebrating with you throughout our 20th anniversary. Let's have fun together enjoying the awesome feel-good benefits of fitness. 

Thank YOU awesome members!